“I have achieved more than I thought possible.”

Brian is terrific to work with. He is personable, friendly and reliable. I found his knowledge base to be excellent. He never lacked direction or focus on where to take my training. He is patient and encouraging. I have achieved more than I thought possible. I would highly recommend him for any position he was interested in, personal training or otherwise.

— Gretchen V. 

“He has helped me get in the best shape of my life.”

“Brian is an exceptional personal trainer, He's dedicated to his clients and providing them with results through dietary tracking and tailored exercise. He is extremely knowledgable and has helped me get in the best shape of my life!
I'd hire him as my trainer anytime at any location in northern virginia."

— Mejgan R.

“My training session is the highlight of my day.”

I’ve worked with Brian for about two years and he is an AWESOME trainer!  He works with you to develop achievable goals and then puts together training sessions to help you reach your goals. His enthusiasm and encouragement creates a comfortable environment where you feel energized and empowered.  Because of Brian’s efforts, I am stronger, have better balance and I’m more flexible. Most importantly, I have a great time working out and frequently my training session is the highlight of my day.  Highest recommendations!

— Carrie O.

With Brian it has been obvious to me that training is his labor of love. Over the past 4 months, he has been the most active in my training & recovery process.  He not only helped me keep my Parkinson’s in check, But improved my balance and core strength to the point that I can be competitive in fencing again.  In addition to his genuine encouragement, I really appreciate that he took the time to obtain additional information about my PD (Parkinsons Disease) and incorporated that knowledge into my training program.
I would be proud to be included among those who would sing your praises as a trainer.

— Richard P.

When I started this journey I could barely make it up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. Short walks to grab lunch at work winded me. While on vacation in Thailand with a friend I had to ask the flight attendant for a seatbelt extender and my friend expressed concern that she would hear me stop breathing while sleeping. We had a good cry together on the other side of the planet because of this experience. Upon my return I knew it was time for change; I feared the gym assuming I wouldn't know how to use any of the equipment. I didn't want to be the fat chick struggling to do what the skinny people did with ease! I wanted to be healthy, fit, and dare I dream . . . thin again.
Working out with Brian before sunrise has been awesome. Thanks to his personal training I have become healthier. I am no longer winded on those short walks at work. I can now walk miles and feel good about it.
Amazingly, I find myself running up the stairs now! I no longer wake up gasping for air which makes my friend very happy and proud. I have gained strength and I am often fascinated with the feel of my muscles. I have lost quite a few inches all around and have dropped 3 sizes so far. All these things excite me, and provide the motivation to continue on with my fitness journey. Training with Brian has been fun and noticing the little changes makes me so happy.
Now I actually have energy to play basketball and baseball with my son Noah, which is such a gift to both of us! I have come to realize how diet and exercise together are essential in making a healthy lifestyle change.
My journey is still evolving, and I am certain there will be bumps along the way, but the results I've reaped thus far are worth the effort. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and now I have a strong foundation to continue building a healthier life. It is a true blessing!


— Chandra W.


He constantly seeks my feedback on his training in order to make sure he is providing the best service possible to his clients..”

When I met Brian I was at “that” point.  The point where you have to decide to make a life-sustaining change for your health.  Almost a year ago I lacked strength and my core was non-existent. When Brian started working with me, I couldn’t do a “real” push up, sustain a plank, or complete a set of crunches. During my first work out, I had to do modified push-ups, I could only hold a plank position for 20- 30 seconds and doing crunches left me breathless. 

Brian has worked with me during our sessions to build my strength, tighten my core and challenging me to want to do even more.  Today, I can do 10-12 military pushups, I can hold a plank position for one minute and can complete my crunches with a 20lb. medicine ball. These are great personal accomplishments that I have been able to achieve thanks to Brian’s training. 

The good trainers find the perfect balance of encouragement and support while the great ones help you push through the pain to maximize your best personal gain.  Brian knows his clients so well that he suggests modifications to workouts that take personal injuries and physical limitations into account.  I have never been one that enjoys going to the gym but Brian makes the experience fun and engaging; while challenging me to make lifestyle changes and set goals that are sustainable.  I know that Brian wants the best for me and I feel it in each of our sessions.  I have belonged to numerous gyms and worked with several trainers and Brian is by far one of the best trainers with whom I have had the pleasure to work.  He constantly seeks my feedback on his training in order to make sure he is providing the best service possible to his clients. Brian is interested, not just in your exercise regimen, but also your overall quality of health. 

— Amy S.

Big endorsement! I trained with Brian for a few years and was in the best shape of my life! He knows his stuff.

— Jim M.

“My Doctor has been amazed by my progress.”

For as long as I can remember, I have been active.  I was on the tennis court 3 to 5 days a week, in the gym lifting weights twice a week, and running or walking 4 miles multiple times a week.  This was usually the minimum activity I would do each week.  It was my way of balancing being a stay at home mom, taking care of three kids and a husband and still doing something for myself; to have fun and take care of me.  

That is, until last May, when I blew out my entire right knee while playing tennis.  Even before the MRI results came back, I knew I had done some major damage because the right leg could not support any weight, whatsoever, without buckling completely in half, immediately following the injury.  Sure enough, the doctor said I had hit the trifecta, so to speak.  I had damaged all three major areas including, tearing the ACL, tearing the meniscus and spraining both the medial and lateral ligaments. Reconstruction surgery was the answer.  I was told it would take 4 to 6 months to heal.  
My first concern was if I would ever walk normally after all this, then after the doctor assured me I would, my BIG concern was how in the world was I going to survive the next 9 months without tennis and all the other activity I am used to (three months before surgery and 6 months after).  The answer to the BIG question turned out to be working with Brian! My husband and I discussed the idea of using a personal trainer that would work with my doctor and physical therapist to help me recover and to give me a way to stay active, not to mention occupy all the new free time I now had with the kids back in school and no tennis!  He saw signs for Fitness Together and so the journey began.  I met with them before my surgery to lay out the game plan, then the week following surgery, I began my sessions with Brian twice a week.
My doctor has been amazed at my progress.  I am 43 years old and he says my recovery has been way better than what he has seen in teenagers.  Brian can attest to how weak the joint and muscles in my right leg were when we first started compared to where they are now, almost four months after surgery.  Last week, I actually ran 3 miles in less than 30 minutes*, which I didn't think I would ever be able to do again, figuring running would be a thing of the past.  I could have never reached this point in my recovery without Brian’s focused assistance.  He not only helped me get back my active lifestyle, but gave me stress relief and peace of mind during the recovery period as well!!!!
I can't thank you enough! 

— Allison B.


“I have lost over 53 lbs and I'm not just leaner but stronger too.”

I’ve been working with Brian on and off for almost 2 years and during that time I've lost over 53 lbs, I can wear suits I've had since college and I'm not just leaner but much stronger too. Initially I was really struggling with the nutrition and cardio aspects but he found ways to teach & motivate me through it. Now, I'm playing sports for cardio and my diet's not perfect but soo much better than it was. I am truly establishing lifestyle changes. Thank You. I would recommend you to anyone.

— Todd J.

“Our sessions are always well worth the time!”

Brian is a great motivator, He pushes me to do my best in all our work-out sessions.  He maximizes the time we have to make the most of our work outs.  He is one of the best instructors I have ever met and anyone who works with him sees it.  He takes the time to know you and also customizes the work-out for each person. Our sessions are always well worth the time!

— Jayzel L.


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Strength doesn’t come from what you can do .. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.
— Rikki Rodgers